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The new academic year has begun and 40 new pupils have started their school life in Nursery 1.  Demand for places is high and for several years we have operated a very successful draw system to ensure that every child has a fair chance to attend.  Uniform is provided free and donated by schools in Kent.  Sohna, their teacher this year, quickly helped the little 3-4 year olds to overcome their tears on the first day of being away from their families and you can see that they have settled in very well.  These children will stay in school until they are 16.  For 10 years they receive free pencils, exercise books and text books as well as uniform.  This means that every child has the chance to learn to the best of their ability, whatever their circumstances.  

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Mission Statement for Yalding Basic Cycle School Farato 

By ensuring that out teachers are well trained and supported, backed up by a professional and enthusiastic approach from all staff, we endeavour to give every pupil, whatever their ability, gender, religion or background, a broad education that will send them out into the world as independent learners with a thirst for knowledge, a respect for their fellow beings and an example to future generations.

Vision Statement of Yalding Basic School Farato

The school aims to be a model of educational excellence for all Gambian Nursery and Basic Cycle Schools.


The Gambian government are now permitting full class sizes whilst safe distancing and hand washing are still strongly encouraged.  Our pupils missed 7 months of schooling last year due to the pandemic and the teachers have worked really hard since October 2020 to make up the hours.  


We hope to send Trustees and volunteers to the school in early 2022 provided travel arrangements are safe and reliable.  

We can then resume our programme of working with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in developing our Gambian First Readers, written especially for Gambian pupils.  We plan, too, to return to our 2020 plans of refurbishing the nursery school classrooms and roo and building a specially designed Library for pupils, teachers and villagers.