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Our Latest News

In March 2023 Tony and Karen visited Farato for three weeks and supervised the building of the Library and returned in November for a further three weeks to help put in bookcases and decorate the walls.  We have shipped over 800 book donated by schools and individual in the UK.  One of our qualified teachers, Mr. Drammeh has been appointed full time Librarian and he oversees the issuing of books to individual pupils; runs a Scrabble Club, a Poetry and Drama group and has plans for much more.  

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SchoolGambia - we're more than just a school

Mission Statement for Yalding Basic Cycle School Farato 

By ensuring that out teachers are well trained and supported, backed up by a professional and enthusiastic approach from all staff, we endeavour to give every pupil, whatever their ability, gender, religion or background, a broad education that will send them out into the world as independent learners with a thirst for knowledge, a respect for their fellow beings and an example to future generations.

Vision Statement of Yalding Basic School Farato

The school aims to be a model of educational excellence for all Gambian Nursery and Basic Cycle Schools.


In March Tony and Karen will return to Farato.  Their objectives on this visit will be:

1.  to support teaching in the classrooms, especially maths, handwriting and phonics in the Nursery SChool (3-7 year olds) and Grades 1 and 2 (7-9 year olds);

2.  to support the individual reading lessons throughout the school

3.  to run a workshop for class teachers in surrounding schools;

4.  to prepare for the visit of Sir Roger Manwood's School, Sandwich, Kent.

SIR ROGER MANWOOD SCHOOL have been sending a group of 12 Year 12 students to Farato since 2007 but due to COvid there has been a 5 year gap in the visits.  Happily a team arrives at the end of March and will work in the classrooms for two weeks interacting with pupils and teachers visiting compounds, learning batik, drumming and cooking.  They camp in tens in the school grounds and help with Sports Day and join in activities with the older pupils, such as a debate, football competitions and much more.  

Tony will stay on for a further three weeks to supervise the refurbishment of the Nursery building that was originally constructed by villagers in 2000.  It needs a new roof, stronger walls, improved floors and windows.  



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