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We knew we could do something to help but never believed our journey would take off as it did. 

In 1996 we visited the village of Farato and under a mango tree saw a group of village children chanting the alphabet back to their teacher.  This was all they had as a school classroom, the shade of a mango tree. We knew we could do something to help but never believed our journey would take off as it did. 


In 1999 we decided to raise money to build 2 Nursery classrooms.  17 years later, we have built a school with 10 classrooms, increased enrollment from 100 to 575 pupils aged three and half and sixteen, introduced a teacher training sponsorship program and last year every Grade 9 child passed their external exams achieving the second highest results in The Gambia and are the number one employer in the village…..


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Mission Statement for Yalding Basic Cycle School Farato 

By ensuring that out teachers are well trained and supported, backed up by a professional and enthusiastic approach from all staff, we endeavour to give every pupil, whatever their ability, gender, religion or background, a broad education that will send them out into the world as independent learners with a thirst for knowledge, a respect for their fellow beings and an example to future generations.

Vision Statement of Yalding Basic School Farato

The school aims to be a model of educational excellence for all Gambian Nursery and Basic Cycle Schools.

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Main Telephone: 01622 814267

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Pauline Mack - 01622 721167.

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Email: hello@schoolgambia.org.uk

Registered Charity Number 1096152



One The Tatt,

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